Lake Tapps + Bonney Lake

Life On The Lake!

Lake Tapps is both a reservoir and the unincorporated neighborhoods surrounding it.The area is served by two school districts: Dieringer for the north part, and Sumner/Bonney Lake for the southern portion. Both are award winning districts, making this a highly desirable area for families. Residents have the shopping, dining, and medical facilities of three cities just minutes away: Auburn’s Lakeland Hills, Bonney Lake to the south, and Sumner to the Southwest. Outdoor recreation abounds in the area: Lake Tapps itself has around 45 miles of shoreline, providing plenty of room for watersports, fishing, and lakeshore living. Anglers take note: the lake holds many types of gamefish including smallmouth bass, perch, and tiger musky.

Bonney Lake is a small community of 17,374 people just south of Lake Tapps. In recent years it has seen dramatic growth and an influx of shopping, restaurants and other businesses,including Costco. It is served by the Sumner/Bonney Lake School District, and boasts some of the state’s highest rated schools. Notable people from Bonney Lake include:
Jordin Andrade – Olympic Track & Field athlete who competed at the 2016 Summer Olympics.[13]
Kenny Christiansen – A suspect in the 1971 D. B. Cooper hijacking
Dylan Gambrell – NHL player for the San Jose Sharks.
Megan Jendrick – Olympic swimming gold medalist
Melanie Roach – Olympic weightlifter
Kyle J. White – Medal of Honor recipient

About the Market

Living in Lake Tapps is more expensive than surrounding the area, as the area is highly sought after for its wonderful communities, great schools, and stunning beauty. As with many affluent neighborhoods, a major contributor to the overall cost of living is the cost of housing. Homes in Lake Tapps cost, on average, 88% more than the American average, with a median sales price of $762,498 as of September 2021. The median price for a waterfront home is $1,317.000. Bonney Lake is an up and coming community.  The majority of people living in Bonney Lake are homeowners with about 83% of residents possessing their own properties. Buyer’s have a variety of options with low prices such as $350,000 for a condo or manufactured home all the way up to multimillion-dollar properties on the south end of Lake Tapps. The average price of a home in Bonney Lake is $573,000, which has risen about 14% in the last year.  On the other hand, if you plan to lease your living space after moving to Bonney Lake, you’ll want to be aware of the average price of rent in Bonney Lake. As of now, expect to pay about $1,700 per month for a one-bedroom, $1,900 per month for a two-bedroom, and prices for larger locations go up from there.

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